Combat Juggling- The Greatest Sport Ever

In the realm of traditional sports, one sporting event tops them all- the Gloucestershire Cheese Rolling event.  There are lesser sports from around the world, including football, American football, basketball, combat juggling, baseball, boxing, rowing, curling… Wait.

Combat Juggling?  What is that?  What is a cheese rolling event?  Why have I been hiding under this rock?  Is that a Geico sign?

Mom and Dad, you said I would never become something… You had no idea how big I’d be one day!

First, this is a cheese rolling event (click here).  Second, saving 15% on car insurance may be a real thing…

Most important to this post- combat juggling is a real thing.  If only there were a place that had a video clip of this majestic event, because what the hell is it?

Check out this sport by clicking here.  After you have, here’s what’s going on in the video…

The point of combat juggling is to knock away the oppositions’ pins in their entirety.  Normally, players will team up and knock out the oppositions’ pins with their own pins.

If one of a competitor’s pins is knocked away, the player is no longer allowed to move.  They must continually juggle, but may throw one of their pins to a friend for them to move.  For example, if someone can’t move because they have two pins and another competitor only has one pin, they may throw their pin to the person with two pins (thus allowing them to move).

The winners earn extreme bragging rights and keys to the castle (in most cases, these are hosted at a local Marriott).  Competitors really get into it, and thus tensions run high…

So if you’re a wizard in the juggling world and looking to show off your awesome skills, head on down to the nearest combat juggling arena and get after it!  If only there were a professional collective of information on a world-access channel that one could find upcoming events for this…

Oh wait, here it is- click here for Major League Combat’s website within the World Juggling Federation.

ESPN International actually hosted the most recent event for television purposes (December 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada), which would suggest that The World Juggling Federation is gaining some legging and sponsorship money.

Get your pins out if you’re ready to throw down.

Weekly Festivus

Oh yes, this week is going to be bad…  Especially towards the website…

If you don’t know what customer service is or your name tag says “Priceline” under your name, please stop working within the customer service realm or leave Priceline.  This week, I had an issue with a customer service representative.  This employee sought out to one-up me rather than help with the issue I had or hear out how I had a difficult time with their software.  I’m really disappointed in these guys; I also want William Shatner to know that he’s better than representing those bums…

If this gets resolved, it will truly be a Festivus Miracle…

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